Plate processing

The HSFDB/C Heavy Plate Processor

Dent Steel Services is proud to present it’s new HSFDB-3200/C, the 1st & only 3200mm wide bed 3rd generation machine worldwide.
Peddinghaus redefined plate processing with the all-in-one HSFDB series of CNC plate processors.
Born from the technology of the original HSFDB line, the HSFDB-C boasts new features such as bevel cutting and expansive 12-station tool changer.
Structural fabricators, manufacturers and service centres the world over have learned quickly that this all in one concept is the answer to the problems that older plasma cutting technologies present.


Ideal for processing heavy plate in an array of industries including:

  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Tower fabrication
  • Bridge fabrication
  • Heavy industrial fabrication
  • Agricultural manufacturing
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Steel stockholders / service centres
  • Ship yards
  • Tank and vessel manufacturing
  • Food processing equipment
  • Manufacturing


Spindle specifications

Minimum drill size 6mm
Maximum drill size 75mm
Maximum Spindle Speed 2250 RPM
Spindle horsepower 36kW

Plasma specifications 

Min Max
HPR 400 Edge Start thickness 6mm 63 mm
HPR 400 Piercing thickness 6mm 50mm

Automatic tool changer

  • Rotary tool changer capable of holding up to twelve tools.
  • Eliminates the need to manually change tooling during production.
  • Tool automatically selected upon program command.

Signoscript carbide scribing

  • Ideal for part numbering or layout marking.
  • Capable of marking any character or symbol at various depths and orientations.

High speed plasma: 400 amp plasma system

  • Optional bevel cutting assembly for both Oxy-fuel and Plasma torches
  • High speed plasma: 260 or 400 amp plasma system are available
  • Oxy-fuel cutting is available as cost effective & versatile alternative to plasma cutting